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Bangor and Glenarm

Bangor and Glenarm | Click photo to enlarge

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We spent a day in Bangor, taking it easy and visiting the many charity
shops and the excellent second-hand bookshop. A pint of Guinness in The
Black Boat Bar went down well. At night, the Skipper returned for the
live music but was disappointed to find it was not traditional Irish.
However, in the back room at Fealty’s Bar there was a good going
session with flute, banjo, 3 fiddles, mandolin and guitar. They were
happy for a moothie to join them and the music went on until 2am. A wet
and windy forecast induced us to stay for a second day, but the actual
weather was not so bad although heavy rain started in late afternoon and
continued through the night, causing widespread flooding throughout
Northern Ireland. Today we sailed to Glenarm with its charming little
marina and helpful harbourmaster. We walked the three miles to Carnlough
and confirmed that its small harbour (photo) has no room for a visiting
yacht. Tomorrow we head for Campbeltown to be joined by Mike and Ann for
a spell.

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