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Music… at last!

Music… at last | Click photo to enlarge

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It was a lively evening in Port Ellen as we played in the Ardview Inn -
including a bit of highland dancing in the tiny lounge bar. While Seol na
Mara sailed for Rathlin, we spent the next day on Islay, bussing to
Portnahaven, a very pretty village centred round a shallow harbour. The two
boats met up again at Sanda (off the Mull of Kintyre) on Friday evening for
the Bowling Harbour Ceilidh Band weekend at the Byron Darnton inn, and were
joined by Mike who had spent most of the day bussing over from Fife. Sanda
is a lovely little island, more Hebridean than Clyde, with an excellent pub
serving good food, letting cottages, bunkhouse and camping space. It is
popular with the local worthies from Southend, who come and go in all states
of inebriation in a variety of ribs and speedboats. We had a weekend of
music, song and drink, punctuated by an overnight SE gale, which saw a
number of yachts leaving in the early morning – but the holding is excellent
and we rode it out comfortably. On Sunday afternoon, after a final outdoor
session in the sunshine, we sailed off to Campbeltown and later saw Mike off
on the bus for home.

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