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Gales and Strong Winds

Gales and Strong Winds | Click photo to enlarge

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The forecast proved accurate – we had an easterly gale followed by a
westerly gale as a deep depression passed over the Outer Isles. However,
our third day at Castlebay (photo) saw the return of fair weather and we
were able to get ashore for the 13 mile walk round the island. Despite
our familiarity with Barra, we never tire of this walk with its ever
changing views and the contrast between east and west coasts. Departing
the next day, we crossed the Sea of the Hebrides to Rum, passing between
the lonely light of Haskeir and the Humla Rock to its NE, and stopping
outside Loch Scresort to catch mackerel for tea. A calm night followed,
but with the wind rising and another gale expected we slogged down to
the shelter of Arisaig, where we anchored just off the moorings. We are
now on our second day of steady rain, little visibility and strong
winds, with little prospect of change in sight yet. We are comfortable
with plenty of books to read!

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