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Flowerdale House

Flowerdale House

A fellow sailor, from a boat that was rafted up to Arctica for a night, recommended a walk which starts just across the main road from the pier at Gairloch. He didn’t mention the house! I don’t think there are many like this in Gairloch. A nice leaflet, bought at the start of the walk, says that Flowerdale is part of the Gairloch Estate and has been in the hands of the Mackenzies of Gairloch for seventeen generations. It still looks pretty good to me. Today, in bright sunshine, I thoroughly enjoyed walking around this estate. With the gurgling burn, wild flowers and good paths, I would endorse the recommendation.


  1. Kate Stewart says:

    Not a bad ‘big hoose’,will keep it in mind next time we are up that way. We are thoroughly enjoying the blog, sounds like you are having a great time. The dophins were brilliant as are all the photographs. You are making us south of England landlubbers very home sick. Keep up the good work. Kate and Alan

  2. Barbara says:

    Hello! This is me finally catching up with you!

    We are all well here.

    Nice to see you are in Gairloch! Hope the good weather is holding for you!


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