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O Skipper Where Art Thou?

Janice had come all the way from London and wanted to see the skipper. We found Arctica and her tender but couldn’t find the skipper who was on the hill without his phone! The Pierhead Tavern provided the best view of the route to the dinghy so we just had some scampi while we waited. Because we were very concerned about the skipper’s well-being, Janice felt that a bottle of delicious Sauvignon Blanc would help us to keep calm. When he eventually appeared, we bought him a pint shandy to revive him – he didn’t have any money! Just as well we were there…


Flowerdale House

Flowerdale House

A fellow sailor, from a boat that was rafted up to Arctica for a night, recommended a walk which starts just across the main road from the pier at Gairloch. He didn’t mention the house! I don’t think there are many like this in Gairloch. A nice leaflet, bought at the start of the walk, says that Flowerdale is part of the Gairloch Estate and has been in the hands of the Mackenzies of Gairloch for seventeen generations. It still looks pretty good to me. Today, in bright sunshine, I thoroughly enjoyed walking around this estate. With the gurgling burn, wild flowers and good paths, I would endorse the recommendation.

Summer Reading

The skipper and mate have already read several of the library of novels brought on board for this season. One book we both really enjoyed is Case Histories by Kate Atkinson. The plot is complicated, three stories in one with a Cambridge based private investigator as its central character, and combines mystery, family drama,and despair. The action is split between Edinburgh and Cambridge with some very credible characters, a few very unexpected twists – and a lot of humour. Altogether a really good read.