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Up Aloft

Up Aloft | Click photo to enlarge

Originally uploaded by arctica

We have been having trouble with the headsail furling gear on Arctica -
it has been excessively stiff to operate. No obvious problem at deck
level could be found, so suspicion turned on the masthead. We have had
to recognise that our days of climbing the mast are over, except when
emergency dictates. News of our difficulties spread and the
Harbourmaster suggested we have a word with the contractor building the
new shoreside facilities following the installation of extended pontoon
berthing. The upshot was a trip aloft in the basket of his extending
crane, as the photo shows. Sadly, no problem was found there either but
a couple of screws were tightened and WD40 applied liberally to the
moving parts before descending to terra firma. Tomorrow will tell
whether or not the problem has been fixed. Tonight we sleep with fingers

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