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Otters | Click photo to enlarge

Originally uploaded by arctica

Last night was spent in the lovely anchorage at Puilladobhrain
(Otters’ Pool) but no otters were seen. However tonight at Tobermory
we watched from the gangway to the mooring pontoon an otter, not
twenty feet away, diving in repeatedly, bringing its catch to the
rocks and crunching it down noisily. It being dusk, there was not
light enough for a photo so today’s photo is of Duart Castle, which
stands imposingly on a headland at the southeast end of the Sound of
Mull. It has been the ancestral home of the MacLeans since about 1250
although it was lost for 200 years to the Duke of Argyll, who overran
it in 1691. It is open to the public, and an important tourist
attraction on Mull, as is Tobermory itself, with its brightly painted
seafront buildings and boats in the bay.

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